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ELT Talks Conference Cyprus
In another edition of PIE News we already mentioned that we will be traveling to Cyprys with a group of 20 teachers for an intensive 5 day CLIL course on April 25. We will also be visiting a couple of schools on Cyprus and our English Academy Cyprus host from Cyprus, Bekir Okalper, is busy organizing the first Cyprus ELT talks conference: Reflect on & Expand Horizons which will take place on April 28 at the Final University in Kyrenia on North Cyprus. We hope to share thoughts and images with you about the Cyrus trip and the conference within a few weeks.

Activity Days
This week part of our English Academy team and a whole lot of teachers are on the road for two English Activity Days we are organizing at the Rythovius College in Eersel, on Wednesday, and at Wartburg College in Rotterdam on Friday. We love doing these Activity Days as it fun to go to schools, meet fellow teachers and enthusiastic students and it gives us a chance to try out and test new developed activities & materials which will be part of the summer school program this year!

We would also love to come to your school! We offer English lessons in the morning and activities in the afternoon but at Rythovius we are only doing activities. So let us know how we can activate your students day and contact us at info@englishacademy.info.

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